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“The 5-Day Rowing in Paradise” program has been developed for rowers from various countries who want to visit Turkey, especially Bodrum. The program offers an opportunity for rowing enthusiasts to enjoy both rowing and the beauties of Bodrum for five days.

Bodrum, located within the boundaries of Muğla province on the southwestern coast of Turkey, is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the country and worldwide.

Bodrum offers unlimited holiday opportunities to visitors with its magnificent sea, natural beauty, pine forests, nature parks, coves and beaches, luxury holiday resorts, hotels and resorts, restaurants, nightclubs, and shopping facilities.

Built on the ancient settlement of Halicarnassus, one of the oldest settlements in ancient times, Bodrum is also Turkey’s most important holiday paradise opening to the world from the Aegean region, with its unique architectural structure, white-washed houses, and its historical and bougainvillea-adorned appearance.

According to Herodotus, who was born in 484 BC in Halicarnassus, the ancient name of Bodrum, it was founded by the Dorians, and later the Carian and Lelegian peoples settled in this region. In 650 BC, the Megerians came to this region, expanded the city, and named it Halicarnassus.

Halicarnassus came under the rule of the Persians in 386 BC and experienced its most brilliant period when it became the capital of the Carian region in 353 BC. The Bodrum Mausoleum, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, was built during this period in memory of King Mausolus by his sister and also wife, Artemisia. Artemisia was the first female admiral in history.

Bodrum Peninsula, which has a coastline of 650 kilometers, is home to numerous magnificent bays and beaches.

Bodrum has a typical Mediterranean climate dominated by the Aegean region. The weather in Bodrum is hot in summer and cool and rainy in winter. The hottest months are July and August.

The closest airport to Bodrum is Bodrum Milas Airport, which is approximately 36 km away from Bodrum.

Bodrum is famous for its sponge divers and fishermen in recent history. With its sea breeze surrounding the peninsula and moderate waves, it is suitable for surfing, sailing, and coastal rowing sports.

Bodrum Halicarnas Rowing Club was established in Bitez in 2018 and is an amateur club with 670 active hobby rowers today.

Celal Gürsoy, the founder of the club, is a rower who has won international medals in the Turkish Rowing National Team during his active rowing years in his 57-year rowing career. After his rowing career at Galatasaray Sports Club, one of Turkey’s largest clubs, he started his coaching career and later served as a professional coach at Frankfurter RG Germania 1869, one of Germany’s largest and oldest clubs, following the successes of the teams he trained.

Currently serving as the president of Halicarnas Rowing Club, Gürsoy also trains rowers and coaches of all ages.

Halicarnas Rowing Club is well-known and followed worldwide on social media, which results in hosting rowers from different countries around the world.


“When?, You choose the date for these incredible 5 days Rowing Journey”

Arrival in Bodrum, check-in at the hotel, followed by dinner and an “Orientation Presentation.”

Day 1:

08:00 Breakfast, followed by transportation to the facility

09:00 Setting off to the sea with boats for rowing around Celebi Island. Coffee break behind the island. (6 km)

10:30 Return to the facility

11:30 Departure from the hotel for a visit to Bodrum Castle and the Underwater Archaeology Museum

13:00 Lunch at Bodrum Marina

14:00 Free Time (Bodrum Bazaar, Caput Market, Sailors’ Cafe)

17:00 Return to the hotel

18:00 Departure from the facility for the second rowing trip (6 km)

19:30 Return to the facility – Barbecue Party

Day 2:

08:00 Breakfast, followed by transportation to the facility

08:30 Setting off to Aquarium Bay for rowing. (8 km)

10:00 Return to the facility and hotel

11:30 Visit to the Ancient City of Stratonikeia and Lunch at Pinarbasi Restaurant

17:00 Departure from the facility for the second rowing trip (4 km)

19:30 Dinner at Müdavim Restaurant

Day 3:

08:00 Breakfast, followed by transportation to the facility

08:30 Rowing to Adabogazi for a picnic. (8 km)

09:00 Picnic and free time for swimming

15:00 Return to the facility

19:00 Wine Tasting at the hotel for 2 hours (Featuring 6 wines made from Anatolian grapes, presented by Winemaker Tina Lino and Winwie Trainer Berna Kızılhan)

Day 4:

08:00 Breakfast, followed by transportation to the facility

08:30 Rowing to Kumbahçe. Coffee break on the way. (22 km, suitable for experienced rowers only. Different distances can be arranged for less experienced participants.)

12:00 Lunch at Mahfel Café

13:30 Rowing back towards the facility

18:00 Visit to Dibeklihan

Day 5:

08:00 Breakfast, followed by transportation to the facility Short-distance race (2 km) with Halikarnas rowers within the club

12:00 Boat Tour

18:00 Return to the hotel

20:00 Distribution of participation certificates and gifts at the hotel

Our tour program includes;

• Airport – Hotel – Airport transfers (VIP private vehicles)

• 6 nights of accommodation at Bitez DORMAN SUITES (4 Stars Hotel) with breakfast included

• 2 limited alcoholic dinners

• 2 limited alcoholic lunches

• Guided tour in English to the Ancient City of Stratonikeia and lunch at Pinarbasi Restaurant

• Guided tours in English to Bodrum Castle and the Archaeology Museum

• Private boat tour and lunch

• Delicious appetizers and snacks (variety of cheese and smoked products, mini bruschettas, grissini, mozzarella sticks, and crispy falafel) along with a 2-hour Wine Tasting Event.

Additionally, during the “5-Day Rowing in Paradise” rowing vacation:

• Approximately 56 km of rowing will be covered.

• Coastal Rowing C4X+ boats and Big Blade oars will be provided.

• Coxswains with over 1000 km.experiens.

• Two licensed captains on the support boat,

• Beach barbecue on the first day,

• Picnic at Adaboğazı on the third day,

• Colombian Blend filter coffee served daily,

• And participants will receive souvenirs to remind them of the 5-day Rowing in Paradise vacation.

The price of this joyful cultural and sports tour is only 3650 euro with what we offer you above.


No experience is required to participate in the rowing activities. Rowing training is provided starting from scratch. Those with experience can opt for professional rowing training programs. Special programs can be arranged for teams preparing for advanced-level competitions.

The organization is designed for a minimum of four and maximum of twenty rowers in multiples of four.

Our guests can also choose to participate in the program with mixed teams consisting of Halikarnas Club rowers.

To avoid any inconvenience regarding tour dates, hotel reservations, and guided tours, it is essential to finalize them 15 days in advance.

Kindly contact the below e-mail for further information.


WhatsApp: +90 530 938 1920

Email: [email protected]

Facebook: Bodrum Halikarnas Rowing

Instagram: Bodrum Halikarnas Rowing

YouTube: Bodrum Halikarnas Kurek

Website: www.bodrumhalikarnaskurek.com   www.kurekrehberi.com   www.celalgursoy.com

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